on Australia

In October 2012 we announced a five-year $1.5 billion investment in our Australian business.

It’s all part of our commitment to help our customers, our people and the Australian community progress.

We've made good progress, making it even easier to bank with ANZ.

Banking on the move

We know our customers’ banking needs are changing. Now more than ever, people want mobility and flexibility and expect to bank when and where it suits them. We are continuing to develop mobile banking technologies so we can move with them.

Young girl talking on phone and working from laptop in cafe Girl and boy laughing while working from apartment, one reading a book, another working with tablet
Carry your bank with you 24/7 with ANZ goMoney™”

How are we making banking more mobile?

  • More than 1 million customers are now banking on the go with ANZ goMoney™, our award winning app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • 7,000 small businesses are using ANZ FastPay™ to accept credit card payments from customers through their iPhone or iPad – whenever and wherever it suits them.
  • Our award winning ANZ Smart Choice Super is offering customers greater choice, lower than average fees and 24/7 access to their superannuation via a mobile device.
  • ANZ Transactive – for mobile is giving thousands of companies greater visibility and control over their cash position while on the go.

Evolving our branches and ATMs

We're improving our branches and introducing greater ATM functionality to enhance the banking experience.

We’re giving more Australians easy access to specialist advice using the tools of tomorrow.”
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  • Business man sitting across from client discussing options
  • ANZ local branch with man standing at internet banking access screen
  • ANZ local branch office with two colleagues sitting in a meeting and a client working with a touch screen
  • Front of ANZ local branch office with clients passing in and out of the entrance

What's changing?

  • We're transforming our branches with a modern, open plan design, supported by technologies to enhance the customer experience.
  • Video conferencing in 43 regional and rural branches is giving more Australians easy access to specialist home loan and financial planning advice.
  • We've introduced more than 200 Smart ATMs, with 600 more to come, offering a greater range of banking services, including secure cash and cheque deposits.
  • We've expanded the number of branches with dedicated International Banking Services from 47 to 62 – serviced by more than 400 multi-lingual staff.

Making banking easier

We know our customers want banking to be simpler and easier to manage, and they expect fast decision making. We are continuing to refine how we do things to meet these needs.

Our A-Z Reviews provide the right financial solutions and insights to customers. ”

How are we making banking easier — today and in the future?

  • We've extended our A-Z Reviews to provide the right financial solutions and insights to more customers – more than 1 million conversations every year.
  • Working from iPads - connected to ANZ's extensive resources – 1,200 bankers are helping customers get on with business while ANZ comes to them.
  • We've extended OneSwitch to more customers and products, making it fast and easy for businesses to switch to ANZ - one form, one business banker, one week and it's done.
  • Our suite of tools, calculators and apps help customers plan and make decisions – from finding a property to travelling overseas to managing a small business.

Connecting customers
to opportunities across
Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is at the heart of world growth. With 48,000 staff in 33 markets, connecting around 9 million customers, ANZ has the largest presence across the region of any Australian bank. We are providing our customers with the resources, technologies and insights they need to progress across the region.

We’re helping Australian business
to connect and
grow across the
Asia Pacific region.”
Map of Australia with dotted lines extending to multiple Australiasia regions:  New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands

How are we helping more customers connect and grow across the region?

  • With more than 5,000 business relationship managers on the ground in 33 markets, ANZ is the only Australian bank with the people, knowledge and connections to help customers at both ends of the transaction.
  • The ANZ Asia Pacific Connect website is helping Australian businesses to grow their presence across the region and make the most of every opportunity - whatever industry they are in.
  • Our Moving to Australia website and simple account opening processes are making it easier for international students and migrants to organise their banking before arriving in Australia.

Investing in our people to help our customers progress

The most valuable thing we can offer our customers is knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to have the best people providing the best service to every one of our customers.

We’re making changes so our people can better understand customer needs, helping them to progress.”
Casual meeting in workplace between five colleagues in an office building Women holding paperwork and smiling at friend sitting across the desk Young man holding smart phone discussing ideas

How are we investing in our people to help our customers progress?

  • We're supporting our people to better meet the needs of our customers with more than 200,000 training hours across customer service, credit management, wealth management, small business and more.
  • We're upgrading our customer information systems so our people can more quickly identify opportunities for our customers to progress.
  • We're making changes so our banking specialists can spend less time managing administration and more time with customers.

Supporting Australia's local communities
to progress

We are using our resources and expertise to build financial knowledge, skills and confidence in our communities, particularly among the most vulnerable.

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How are we supporting local communities?

  • We've celebrated 10 years investing in financial literacy and capability, helping an estimated 240,000 Australians through our MoneyMinded, MoneyBusiness and Saver Plus programs.
  • We've made it easier for customers in financial difficulty to seek assistance through ANZ Financial Hardship.
  • We've provided support to community groups and charities through the ANZ Staff Foundation and Seeds of Renewal programs.
  • We're supporting local junior netball clubs across Australia as part of our ANZ Championship sponsorship.
  • We've been ranked the most sustainable bank globally in the 2013 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the sixth time in seven years.